Practice Incentive Games
Creative Games that make practicing fun!
The games in this packet are designed for home use.  Parents should feel free to adapt the general game instructions to meet the needs of their children.  Students move or put something on the game board when they have accomplished a predetermined task such as practicing everything assigned by their teacher.  For some games, practicing a song, page, or passage a certain number of times could earn the student the right to move.  Playing a particular passage perfectly, or something the student is having difficulty with that week, etc. could also be appropriate.  Adjust according to the students' needs for that week.  Most of the games are meant o be played for approximately one month and then rewarded if the goal has been met.  Keep the rewards small and meaningful.  Use your imagination i.e., a date with a parent, a movie, an ice cream cone, etc.  Most importantly,  BE FLEXIBLE AND HAVE FUN!

Games should be colored and laminated before use so they can be used over and over again.  Allowing the student to color the game himself or with their parent, helps give the student ownership and enhances the experience.  Use a reusable gum adhesive such as "Handi-Tak" on the back of the game pieces (markers).

Games included are:  Musical Land, Practice Piggy, Majestic Music Mountain, Hanging Ornaments, Football Fun and Staccato Slalom Maze.