Music Camp Expeditions Vol IV



            10-12 Student Maximum per Class

            4 One-hour Sessions Included (Expandable, of course)

            Ages 6 and up depending on level of music being used  (See FLEXIBILITY below)

            Minimum Prerequisite Level: at least completion of Primer Level piano lessons

*Author’s Note: I used this camp with all of my students including my teenagers and adults.  In fact, they had the most fun.  They especially had fun with the improv – changing up the lead sheets with various accompaniment patterns.

 FOCUS: includes developing student skills for

  • Accompanying
  • Conducting
  • Playing from Lead Sheets
  • Building Improvisation Skills
  • Using Folk Tunes


FLEXIBILITY :  Use the same camp plan manual, but by varying the musical materials from the folk tunes that are included in original version, to Patriotic or Christmas tunes (available in the Supplements), you can tailor the camp to the advancement level and interests of a wide variety of students.  By employing the Patriotic or Christmas Supplements, you could enjoy a new version of the camp for the same students, and thus provide valuable reinforcement of the focus concepts.


  • Planning Guide
  • Camp Materials Check Off List
  • Day at a Glance
  • Ideas for Optional Bonus Activities for Different Levels*
  • Conducting & Accompanying in 4/4, ¾, 6/8 Meter
  • Rhythm Dictation Game
  • Roman Numerals Applied to Chords
  • Playing from Generic Lead Sheet in ¾ Meter and 4/4 Meter**
  • Chord Swatter Game
  • Practice Power Game Board
  • Original Materials for Bonus Activities
  • Game Materials
  • Reproducible Lead Sheets (Eensy Weensy Spider, On Top of Old Smokey, Lightly Row, When the Saints Go Marching In)
  • Misc. Handouts & Posters

 Hole punched for binder insertion (binder not included).


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 Volume IV Camp Manual $44.95


Volume IV Christmas Supplement

 Volume IV Patriotic Supplement